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Report day 8: 14 february

Orlando, Florida.

Today I will ride-along with Bob Coshigano. Bob made all the arrangements for me in Orlando. When I walk into the kitchen at 7:30 he is already awaiting me. quote: 'You look lik shit man!' The picture seems to match with the way I feel. After 2 24-hour shifts in Jacksonville and 1 in Orlando the sleep is catching up on me. All three nights were very busy and last night I had only 2 hours of sleep. The tiredness is not effecting my enthusiasm at all! Bob promises me a similiar night tonight, it is saturday after all...

Firefighter Roger is part of Bob's engine 101 crew. We don't differ a lot in age and we speak a lot about the fire department in general. Sometimes this conversation is interrupted by a quick sprint to the engine. Around 11 another call comes in. The speaker anounces enough firetrucks to start a parade. She also announces: '.... fire in the attic'. less then a minute later we are flying through Orlando on our way to the adress. When we get there we have to stand in line, we are not the first on the scene. The fire is not much, but hey, finally a call for fire!

The rest of the day is calm. I am completing my blog and after a few hours I even get the Macbook back to work. The cd only supports the Macintosh software, so basically it does not help me much. After dinner I even catch 3 hours of sleep.

The night starts like the other: the first wounded drunk people need to be treated and a few elderly people with chestpain are also taken to the hospital. Around 23:00 hours we get another call for a fire. A barn next to a homeless shelter is on fire. When we get to the scene engine 2 is already there. Hoselines start to appear and within a few minutes the fire is reduced to nothing. A dryer was on fire. Just like in New York there are many trucks on the scene: 3 engines, 1 tower ladder, heavy rescue, battalion chief and a district chief.

The rest of the night is mostly dedicated to Orlando's party scene. The most remarkable 2: A woman that fell against the fridge. At least according to 2 other persons in her house. She is confused and does not want our help. She also refuses to state her identity and she denies to have taken drugs. The smell in her house is enough to make us all high.... The second one we find right after closing time in a club. A 29 year old lady is unconscious and her pulse is weak. My respect for the ambulance service back in The Netherlands grows more each call we go too. If the calls we go on are similiar to those in The Netherlands than they go to a lot of nonsense calls and calls from people that are ruining their body, expecting other people to clean up them and their mess... 

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Orlando 14 january 2012

  • DSC09617.JPG
    Another 'chestpain' patient
  • DSC09618.JPG
    Bob and Manny taking care of the patient
  • DSC09621.JPG
    Breathing difficulties at elderly home
  • IMGP0438.JPG
    Fire in attic
  • IMGP0439.JPG
    Fire in attic
  • IMGP0441.JPG
    Fire in Homeless shelter
  • IMGP0442.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0443.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0444.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0446.JPG
  • IMGP0446.JPG
    Heavy Rescue truck
  • IMGP0450.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0452.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0453.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0455.JPG
    Fire in homeless shelter
  • IMGP0458.JPG
    Partyscene Orlando
  • IMGP0459.JPG
    Help the drunk :-)