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Report day 3: 9 january.

New York

After a long night that was (unfortunately) not interrupted by the dispatcher reporting a fire, Craig Silvino came to find at station 252. Craig Silvino helped me by organizing the whole program in New York. Craig Silvino took me back to ‘the Rock’, where we spent the day.

After an extensive tour (photo’s below) we visited a special training object that is made for practicing high-rise fires. All kinds of high-rise fires can be organized in this building and it really inspired me. After a (yet again) good lunch we went over to the ‘burnbox’ where we spent the rest of the day. The burnbox is a simulator that shows fire development. Below you will find 2 video’s made with the firecam helmet camera inside the burnbox.

After the hard labor at the rock we went to a party organized by the division in which Craig is stationed. This was a non-unifrom (great!!) party with terrific food and nice people. I am glad we attended this party!

After the party we headed for Craig’s firehouse in Jamaica in Queens. In this firehouse are truck company 127 and engine company 298 stationed. A battalion chief also operates from this firehouse. In contrary of the Resque and Squad company’s, Engine and Truck company’s go out on nearly every call. This means a smaller action area but a lot more calls. The evening and night were quiet but during the day I lost counting….

Each firecall in New York means that 56 people are heading over. If the fire is confirmed and large than one room the chief calls for a ‘second alarm’. This means the amount of units, and therefore people, is doubled. This means about 100 people more go out on a second alarm call than we do back in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to the size and construction of the buildings in New York.


FDNY 9 januari 2012

  • Picture 010.jpg
    Roof ventilation hole, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 001.jpg
    metrostation, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 003.jpg
    metro trolly, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 004.jpg
    metro station, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 005.jpg
    metro station, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 006.jpg
    victim, 'the Rock', New York.
  • Picture 008.jpg
    burn buildings, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0345-2012.jpg
    Flinn Deen & Craig Silvino
  • Picture 009.jpg
    tribune, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0305-2012.jpg
    high-rise exercise building, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0306-2012.jpg
    PPV fans, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0311-2012.jpg
    Burn building, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0313-2012.jpg
    fire escape, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0314-2012.jpg
    Indoor exercise objects, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0315-2012.jpg
    Indoor exercise objects, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0317-2012.jpg
    Indoor exercise objects, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0327-2012.jpg
    Indoor exercise objects, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0328-2012.jpg
    'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0329-2012.jpg
    Craig Silvino designed the confined space exercise truck
  • TLODeen-IMGP0332-2012.jpg
    Confined space exercise truck, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0335-2012.jpg
    Burnbox, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0336-2012.jpg
    Burnbox, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0337-2012.jpg
    Burnbox, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0340-2012.jpg
    Burnbox, 'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0312-2012.jpg
    'the Rock', New York.
  • TLODeen-IMGP0321-2012.jpg
    Indoor exercise buildings, Burnbox, 'the Rock', New York.


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