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Report day 13: 19 january

Long Beach, LA, California.

Today I stay at the Long Beach training facility. In the morning I complete my blog and Andy gives me a tour around the training facility. His detailed explanation gives me a good perspective of the possibilities and is of course a base of inspiration. After the tour Andy, Jim and me are having lunch at 'Five Guys'. It is an American hamburger restaurant and has, according to the experts, the best burgers. After finishing the burger I share their opinion.

Around 13:00 we are back at the training facility. Frank is also at the training facility and together with Al we practice some more ventilation scenario's. For those of you asking 'What is ventilation?': We use ventilation to clear a building of smoke and heat. This can be done horizontally (creating inlet and discharge opening(s) on the same level) or vertically (for example: creating a discharge by cutting a hole in the roof). Ventilation can be done naturally or pressured. Natural ventilation is ventilation created by wind and pressured ventilation required a ventilator.

Jim hands me a ballistic vest. Bullet proof vest are found on any fire truck from the Long Beach fire department. Jim explains me this is not because they are afraid of violence against the fire department. The fire department in Long Beach is also handeling medical calls and therefore can be called to aid at shootings. The police department advices to wear the vests even after sign 'safe' is given. Someone may hide in the building. The vest are precautionary.

The end of the day at Long Beach also means my last day with the long beach fire department. Tomorrow Gregg will collect me at the Rodeway Inn and I will go to Los Angeles. Frank and his crew gave me a Long Beach fire department sweater and they promise me they will work on a fieldtrip to Sweden. I hope this will work out, I would be honored to show these guys around at SRTC. I say goodbye to Frank, Matt, Al, Carsten and Andy and thank them for the experiences and the nice time I had in Long Beach. Jim takes me over to station 10 and after saying goodbye there we head out for dinner at a local grill. Jim: thanks for putting all of this together and for introducing me to all the nice people I have met in Long Beach! 

Long Beach LA 19 january 2012

  • IMGP0728.JPG
    Spare vehicles
  • IMGP0738.JPG
    Practice building
  • IMGP0742.JPG
    Practice building
  • IMGP0748.JPG
    Practice building
  • IMGP0749.JPG
    Burn room
  • IMGP0753.JPG
    Hose testing
  • IMGP0754.JPG
    Spare vehicles
  • IMGP0759.JPG
  • IMGP0760.JPG
    Al placing the ventilator
  • IMGP0763.JPG
    Discharge of smoke
  • IMGP0764.JPG
    Frank & Al
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