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Report day 10: 16 january

Long Beach, LA, California.

Today is all about travelling. I will fly from Orlando to Los Angeles airport. At 9:00 Bob arrives in 'the big house'. He is here to take me to the airport. I am at the airport around 10:00 and sit down to have breakfast. Since Orlando has free internet coverage I am able to Skype a little with Theo and Christa. At 12:00 boarding starts. We fly off at 13:00, arrive at 15:35 but total flying time is about 6 hours. I am flying counter clockwise again and the total time difference with The Netherlands goes from 6 to 9 hours.

Jim is waiting for me at Los Angeles airport. Jim has made all the arrangements for me in Long Beach. In Long Beach I will be able to participate is some exercises. The instructors of these exercises are also fire captains and I will be able to join their shifts during these days. Not tonight though! Af ter 5 days of 24 hour shifts I am happy to spend the night in the 'Rodeway Inn'. A small motel with a large bed and no alarms.

After a shower Jim picks me up again to go to do dinner. We sit down in a nice restaurant with a view over a small harbour. Andy and Rich also join us. Andy is a training captain at the Long Beach training facility and Ritch works at prevention. After dinner we sit down in a local bar. At 22:00 (01:00 Orlando time) I am back in the hotel and ready to enjoy a good nicht of sleep!