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Report day 7: 13 january

This morning Richard pickd me up at station 1 in Jacksonville. After a good breakfast we went to Richard's house and I had my first peek into a real American house. It is a gorgeous house! Richard's wife joined us on our trip to Orlando. Halfway our journey we stopped in St. Augistine Beach to view the Ocean and enjoy the geat weather. Florida is already beautiful but I can imagine that this place is paradise in summertime! We headed further towards Orlando and passe the Daytona Speedway along the road.
Upon arrival in Orlando I was stunned by the beauty of their firestation nr.1. All the other firestation had a lot of history, since they were old. This one had some pieces of the old station in the hallway. The station is 2 years old, the firetrucks look even younger. Lieutenant Bob Coshigano was awaiting us in station 1. Bob Coshigano made all the arrangements for me in Orlando and he will be on duty on saturday. Now he is here to show me around the fire station and introduce me to today's crew.
Station 1 has quite a few fir trucks: 1 tower ladder, 2 engines, 2 hazmat trucks, a bomb squad, an ambulance, scuba diving truck, a battlion- and a district chief vehicle and an 'oversize ambulance'. What that means? quote: 'We go a lot of fat people, they don't fit in the regular ambulance'. An ambulance build on a truck chassis made for large and/or heavy people.
The day consist out of medical calls. By now I can say: 'the usual stuff': chestpain, wounds and so on.
Around 7:00 hours the local TV station arrives. The weather man wants to interview someone from the fire department to speak about the extreme risks that come with the current coldness. At first I though the guy was joking but he was serious. 15 degrees celsius is cold in Florida! An interview about heaters that will be used after a long time starts. It is hard to believe. During the night the temperature does drop a bit, it still feels like a nice summernight though...
Orlando nights may be warm, they are not flammable! I haven't been in bed longer than 1 hour, it is really busy on friday night. Tomorrow will be the exact same thing. The ambulances and engines were out all night. Orlando has a huge party scene. Where people come together, accidents will occur. The night is filled with false alarms, wounded people and persons that have consumed too much alcohol.
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