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Report day 6: 11 january

Jacksonville, Florida.
My second and last day in Jacksonville already! Time seems to fly...
Unfortunately also my second 24 shift on station 1 in Jacksonville didn't bring me any fire. We have been on the street a lot though! We went out to 2 traffic accidents and many calls for 'chestpain' wounded people or drunken people damaging theirselves. All of these calls were fascinating, sometimes hilarious, but not what I was looking for.
What I did find was the friendship of the crew on duty today. I had a great time we Kelly, Brian, Gordon and Larry. With sadness I will leave Jacksonville tomorrow and head on to Orlando. The crew of station 1 Jacksonville is one to remember, all very kind, interested and ready to gives tons of information after asking the simpliest question! Besides that, Jacksonville is a great city!
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