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Fire fighting training tour through the USA.

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page to follow one of our instructors on his learning tour through the USA!

Flinn Deen will fly to New York JFK on the 6th of january. During his trip he will visit a variety of Fire departments and training facilities throughout different states. The trip runs around a few learning goals:

  • Compartment Fire Behavior Training (CFBT).
  • Positive Pressure Ventialtion (PPV).
  • High-rise building fires.

Flinn's trip will start in New York. In New York Flinn will be introduced to the 'Amercian way of firefighting'. Also he will learn about PPV and high-rise fires in theory. 

After New York the trip continues in Florida. In Florida Flinn will run 4 24 hour shifts. The first 2 shifts will be with downtown 'Firestation 1' in Jacksonville. After Jacksonville it's time to head for Orlando where another 2 shifts with Orlando's centrum 'Station 1' are awaiting.

After Florida Flinn will fly on to Long Beach California. On the training Facility of Long Beach 2 extremly experienced fire captains will go into the deep practical reality of PPV and High rise fires. During daytime lessons and excercies will be done on the training Facility, during the night shifts will be run with the stations of Los Angeles. 

After the lessons Flinn will do another few ride-alongs with several stations in Los Angeles.

Please visit this page for daily updates, pictures and movies about the trip. Please also visit our Facebook page for status updates in both English and Dutch.