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CFBT Katwijk

In week 16 2012 the fire department of Katwijk was in Sweden for their Compartment Fire Behavior Training.

The group landed on monday and checked into their hotel after a short bustrip through the nice Swedisch scenery. After checking in and a good dinner it was time for the safety briefing.

The next day at 8 o'clock sharp the first exercise commenced. The group was devided into two different goups. The first group was only focused on CFBT. Subjects as fire development, hose handling, flashover & backdraft and of course the B-SAFH model was their practical for today. The other group was focused on the command and control part: What part of the CFBT can a firefighter judge and decide himself and on what part does he need to interact with his commanding officer? On the other hand were the commanding officer held back from their firefighters to show them that firefighters can carry a lot of responsibility theirselves.

The last two days were filled with real live fire calls. Of course all subjects of the CFBT were present in these exercises. After four days of intensive training we concluded the week with a nice dinner and a visit to the city. On saturday the group went back to The Netherlands again, with a lot exprience and knowledge gained.

Are you interested in a CFBT training? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Katwijk 2012